Dr. Stephen Bergquist

Dr. Stephen Bergquist

Dr. Stephen Bergquist, MD, CWS, 500RYT, CYT.

As a practicing medical doctor for more than 25 yrs, I have seen the need and benefit of lower stress and regular exercise in our lives. Yoga is the only exercise I have found that does not feel like a forced routine. The regular practice of yoga has given me great relief from back pain and has given me an overall feeling of good health. The focus of the mind with meditation has helped with my sleep and has given me a new level of peace and happiness.

Now as I teach the practice of yoga and meditation, I would like to see others experience the benefits of a less stressful and a healthier life.

After completion of this program you will be accepted by the Yoga Alliance (YA) as a Registered Yoga Teacher.
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